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June 29, 2009

A Public Health Care System That Operates Like the Post Office? No Thanks!!

Liberal Democrats in the US Congress are pushing for a new nationalized healthcare provider that would operate like the "US Postal Service" (as quoted by Sen. Reid). Do Americans really want the federal government to provide the same degree of healthcare as they provide postal service? Earlier this year, I had a USB card with important data destroyed by the USPS. Included in my damaged envelope was an apology letter from the USPS. The damaged USB card fell out of the envelop when I took the mail out of my mailbox. I am not comfortable with the government providing this level of quality in the healthcare industry to Americans. Democrats argue that this will give Americans the opportunity to have cheap, affordable healthcare. The government will not have a structure to adequately support 40 million plus prospective customers. This will create severe quality constraints that will not allow these customers to be delivered quality healthcare.

Do we really want healthcare to be provided by the same people who provide:

The US Postal Service
The Social Security Administration
The BMV (state-level)
Unemployment (state-level)

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