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March 24, 2010

Health Care Reform Fallacy

As Washington D.C. continues to put health care in front of all the other priorities, I decided to look at the purpose of the liberals in health care legislation and what the facts tell us. 
1)      Reduce health care related costs for the American people.
As you can see from the below video from former majority leader Bill Frist (who was also joined by the Cigna CEO on CNBC), the health care bill does nothing to cut costs.  According to Reuters, health care costs increased by 8% last year.  This was in a year when we had no inflation in the general economy.  This trend is unsustainable for our economy and we wasted a year arguing over something that did nothing to reduce costs. 
2)      Reduce the economic drain of health care on the economy.
There is no way this came to pass in the health care bill.  Some people have said “we are going to pay for this one way or another so we might as well come up with a strategy to pay for it.”  To quote John Boehner, “hell no!”  We’re Americans, which doesn’t mean we are forced to pay for people who decide not to pay for their own insurance!
We forget that this problem was started when someone passed a law stating that he was illegal not to provide health care to someone who comes into a hospital without insurance.  Now, those people will be forced to pay for medical coverage, and if they can’t afford, they will get tax credits courtesy of our tax dollars!  By placing 16 million more Americans on Medicaid (with the possibility of up to 32 million more), the drain on the economy is not decreased.  If it were, we should all go on Medicaid.
3)      Eliminate the waste from Medicare.
Democrats have said that this bill would eliminate billions in waste from Medicare.  Ok, then why not simply pass a bill that reduces the waste and fraud?  Let’s take the necessary steps to cutting the deficit before we even consider new entitlements and spending.  Is the Democratic Party telling me that they openly allowed waste in Medicare for a year (and totally denied it during the Bush Administration) while this bill was touted around when they could have simply passed stand-alone legislation to reduce waste?  That’s simply bad politics, and also gives me concern that this so-called waste reduction is going to be easier said than done.
4)      Giving all Americans health insurance.
Every American has the right to earn health insurance, but that does not mean forcing every American to have health insurance.  Compulsory behavior is not an effective part of any free society, no matter how well intended the force is.  If it was possible for government to provide everyone with everything, then the Soviet Union would still be around and be the top country in the world.  Everyone cannot have quality healthcare and government has failed to provide quality for anything.
Social Security is not a “quality” retirement option.
Medicare/Medicaid is not a “quality” healthcare option, otherwise members of Congress would be on Medicaid too.
Quality and government complement each other like water and oil and it will show up in our healthcare system.


Frederick said...

If we dont require everyone to have healthcare then we will pay in the end. So many people come to my office and are filing bankruptcy on medical bills. So if the insurance companies don't get paid the rates will go up. People cannot afford healthcare and the medical bills just pile up. The end results is bankruptcy and no money to the insurance companies.

Jeremy said...

Do you really think the bankruptcies will change under this bill? There are about 25 Million Americans in this country who cannot afford a $20 co-pay, so what is this bill going to do but force them on medical insurance they cannot afford.

If there is a bankruptcy loophole to this bill, we might see a temporary surge in bankruptcies as people look to file to avoid paying for medical insurance.

The unemployed 56 year old who wrote to CNN about what that means for him was told he would receive assistance if his insurance costs exceeded 8% of his income. How many Americans have 8% of their income as disposable toward paying for health insurance?

The answer is the people who already have insurance.

davesemail said...

In the end it is not about money, it is what we (humanity) deem as valuable. I am fearful of a government that tries to give its people all it wants. It is neither healthy for the government to do so, nor is it healthy for the development of the individual. My metaphysical take... In order for a consciousness to prove it self steadfast and stable for its long journey thru eternity it must prove itself by overcoming the trials and tribulations of this physical plane of existence. If everything I need is given to me, what motivation do I have to overcome obstacles? By giving us what we want they are inadvertently taking from us the one thing we most need. A true will to survive and evolve is not an easy thing to develop.
At the core of this festering puss head of socialized medicine is the root of the cause. The root is our flawed monetary system. As I understand it every dollar comes into existence with a debt greater than itself. Let’s say $1.00 borrowed/loaned/created creates a $1.20 debt for simplicity. Again as I understand it, this is the fundamental rule/law that governs the creation of ALL money (regardless of who/what borrows it). Person A borrows $1.00 and gets $0.20 from person B to repay his debt. Person B must now get $0.40 from person C. Person C gets $0.60 from person D to repay his dollar. It does not take a genius to see what is happening here just a true understanding of how it works. To break even in this type of monetary system it is dependant upon an ever increasing base. I believe this is what society is calling “Economic Growth”. If an ever-increasing flow of new people and resources are not continually coming into this cancerous system all involved begin to wither. I basically pulled the numbers above out of the air. Their exact values and quantities are irrelevant to understanding the basic mechanics of the system. This is why I believe “Economic Growth” does not actually mean what most people seem to think it does. Economic growth does not mean prosperity, it is a needed lubricant just to make the system viable. Our monetary system is not a natural “zero sum” system IT IS A CANCER that must consume more to function properly! If we adopt a natural “zero sum” mechanism to the methods of MONEY CREATION many of societies other “economic” problems will alleviate themselves. My challenge to anyone… Show me where money is created (not acquired) where there is not a debt greater than itself attached to it. Wake up people we are living the greatest ponzi scheme ever. This healthcare bill is just the latest distraction from the true problem.

Your Friend in a New Humanity
Federal Farmer

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