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August 25, 2010

More Left-Wing Lunacy on the Bush Tax Cuts

The left first discussed the need to raise taxes, as a means of "plugging the hole" in the deficit.  Now, they are shifting to a strategy where the the tax cuts should have never been passed.

A few weeks ago, Treasury Secretary Tim "Tax Cheat" Geithner stated that the Bush tax cuts were "misguided" and led to a $700 billion revenue shortfall.  As I believe we have learned over the past several months, that the government wastes money like it's nobody's business.  Therefore, keeping $700 billion out of their hands over the past 9 years is a GOOD thing.

Once again, adding at most $100 billion a year to the government's revenue is not going to do much against a deficit that is 15 to 18 times that size.  Furthermore, my video on Art Laffer generated a most interesting comment by a left-winger who states that by passing tax cuts, the Republicans passed a large tax increase.  Wow, what has our education system done to us?

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