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August 30, 2010

"Unintended" Consequences of Government Intervention

For some reason, the left believes that government intervention is always equally beneficial to the economy.  However, there are a variety of consequences that can occur from initiatives such as government stimulus, natural resource policy, tariffs/trade policy, etc.  Some of these consequences are obvious, while others are more subtle and may take years to be discovered.

What  you will never see, however, is the liberal elite comparing the consequences of these programs to the intended benefits of these programs.  I guess that's a part of the "no matter what the cost" attitude.

The Obama Administration has acted like it cares about Gulf Coast jobs during the oil spill, however, due to the actions of the administration, oil rigs are moving overseas and taking jobs with them.  Additionally, the government borrowed billions in so-called stimulus only to waste countless amounts of money on stupid projects like these.

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