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August 9, 2010

The Wealth Gap Myth

Liberals have been complaining for years about this growing gap between the wealthy and the poor in America.  What they won't tell you is that historically, wealth gaps have been narrower is communist or socialist economies.  In these economies, everyone was equally poor.  In 1985, 99% of the Chinese population was in poverty.  Today, there is a growing wealth gap in China, but I doubt we will find anyone over there complaining about it.

As for the issue of rich and poor, I believe we should stop obsessing over why the rich are getting richer and focus more on why the poor are where they are.  Some are there because of sheer laziness, while others are there for making a series of bad decisions.  These people are often included in the "victims of the system" group. 

This article claims that there are 30+ million poor in America.  Other leftist groups claim that there is a massive poverty problem in America.  If this is true, we should be asking the same people why Lyndon Johnson's Great Society of Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare has not solved this problem?  Do we need another 45 years and trillions in taxpayer dollars?

I find it ironic that the values that made this country great (hard work, determination, effort) aren't being discussed as a possible root of this problem.  Are we really led to believe that hard working, determined, and intelligent Americans are doomed to failure?  I refuse to believe that.

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