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September 3, 2010

The Pay Outrage: Government Pay

"How can an institution that spends 80% more than what it brings in afford to pay its employees so well?"

In light of the outrage over CEO pay in America, I have to wonder why there isn't at least ten times as much outrage over the pay of government employees.  The pay gap between government employees and the private sector has grown to record proportions.

Taxpayers, who have no legal standing on how many millions a CEO makes, are over-looking the enormous cost to pay these workers.  The federal government's employee retirement fund now costs taxpayers over $100 billion per year.  Can you find a CEO who is even close to that expensive?  That figure does not include the health care costs or the salaries of these employees, which is also covered by taxpayer dollars (in case you didn't know that while shouting at the TV over CEO pay).

The bottom line is why don't we examine the costs that are truly bankrupting us instead of complaining because insignificant pay because we are jealous.

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