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October 25, 2010

A Week Before the Midterms: A Look at the Polls

I wanted to know how the midterm elections were shaping up so far. I went to Election Projection, which seems to be a comprehensive database for midterm election polls. Here were some races that I found interesting:

Washington state's Senate race is a projected winner by the Democrat (4 points), but recent polling shows the two in a dead heat.

The governor race in Oregon is projected to go Democrat, but polling has that race in a dead heat.

Barbara Boxer's lead in California is only 2 points, according to Rasmussen

Idaho Democratic Congressman Walt Minnick's lead has gone from 30 points to 3.

Harry Reid now trails by 3 in the Nevada Senate race.

Harry Reid's son, Rory, is running as the Democratic candidate for governor in Nevada. He trails by 20 points.

New Mexico, home of popular Democratic governor Richardson, is leaning Republican in it's gubernatorial race by 12 points.

Retiring North Dakota Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan's seat is leaning Republican by 40 points.

The incumbent Democratic governor in Iowa is down 15 points.

Blanche Lincoln, the controversial moderate Democrat from Arkansas, trails in the Senate race by 17 points.

According to CNN, Russ Feingold, incumbent Democratic Senator from Wisconsin, trails by 9 points.

A Republican leads in Michigan's governors race by 18 points.

In Illinois, Republicans Mark Kirk (Senate) and Bill Brady (Governor) have slight leads over the Democrats.

John Kasich, Republican, is neck and neck with incumbent Ted Strickland in the Ohio Governor's race.

Despite Charlie Crist's break from the Republican Party, Republican Marco Rubio leads in the Florida Senate race.

Repubican John Raese leads by 7 in the special Senate election for Robert Byrd's seat.

Republican Tom Corbett leads by at least 5 for the Pennsylvania Governor's race. The departing governor is the former head of the DNC.

Barney Frank's lead in Massachusetts is currently 10 points.

The overall picture has the Republicans and Democrats tied in the Senate at 49, the Republicans taking over the House 237 to 198 (gaining 58 seats) and the Republicans taking six governorships, making it 30 to 19.

Our next article will be on Wednesday.

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