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February 6, 2012

500 Posts Later, A Look Back and Ahead

On Friday, we celebrated our 500th post defending the free market. For the past three years, Common Sense Capitalism has been defending the rights of the individual through the promotion of free market economics. By having fewer restrictions on individuals, people can act in their own self interests in order to advance themselves.

We believe that the federal government currently presents the biggest threat to individuals promoting their own self interests. It does so by creating an entitlement class, a group of individuals whose self interest are to live off the government. This usually takes the form of people who have given up on finding employment and have ceded themselves to a life of entitlement checks.

The world of economics is extremely complicated and when governments intervene to direct a single outcome, the list of unintended consequences can be unlimited. Attempting to alter the laws of economics are about as easy as altering the laws of physics. The efforts of many politicians are not only damaging, but a waste of time and money.

Our mission is to educate the public about the free market vis a vis the principles of economics and historical application of our ideas. Currently, we are changing the site to consolidate data and content. We will be rolling our featured people into one tab and create some YouTube playlists with links. We would also like to explore a scrolling picture slide with links.

If the readership has any ideas as to how to improve the website, please let me know. Here's to the first 500 posts and the next 500!

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