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April 12, 2012

Regulation by the People: The "Pink Slime" Bankruptcy

I'm very proud of the results we are seeing from the "Pink Slime" controversy.  For those of you who don't know, it started several weeks ago when the USDA reported it had purchased 7 million pounds of pink slime meat additive to give to the public school system.  The result was public outcry.

Interestingly enough, the USDA was surprised that people would be upset this was being fed to their children.  Apparently, many in the federal government have already perceived Americans as fat slobs who will do what they are told and/or fall in line.  The public outcry led to schools turning down the fat laden garbage, and last week, a lead manufacturer of pink slime declared bankruptcy.

Where were our so-called regulators to protect us?  They were actually supporting a position that clearly was not in the interests of parents or their children.  Despite the weight of the regulators against them, the American people crushed this maniac idea in what I consider to be the strongest exercise of self-regulation since the beginning of the Obama Administration.

It's also chilling to think of the number of federal agencies that could have gotten involved in regulating this trash.  You have the USDA (beef), the FDA (food), and the Department of Education (schools) already directly involved.  However, a case could be made for Health and Human Services and the new Consumer Protection Bureau (because somebody at the school could be stupid enough to sign for something when they don't know what it is).

The bottom line is that ultimately the consumers were wise enough to choose for themselves and get this trash off the market.

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