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November 5, 2012

A Time For Asking, What Choice?

Tomorrow, America will elect a President.  In breaking down the candidates, the two party selection is as hopeless as it was in 2008, and in 1968.  Those were hopeless elections, because they were chalked full of big government candidates.  Richard Nixon was the most liberal Republican ever to serve in the White House.  Not only did he impose wage and price freezes (that failed), he was heavy on government spending, and used the government to his personal disposal.

While I'm not rooting for Mitt Romney to win (I'm voting for Gary Johnson), I am cheering on the incumbent to lose.  Half of this rationale comes from the fact that I do not like Barack Obama's big government policies.  There is no facet of an economy that Barack Obama believes he cannot control.  Through Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve, central planning authorities believe they can control unemployment and prices.

On top of that, the fiscal cliff is 100% Obama's fault.  He had an opportunity to veto any federal spending cuts that take place on January 1, 2013.  Instead, he signed them into law.  He also pushed to have the Bush tax cuts extended temporarily to the same deadline.  Everything that is scheduled to happen on January 1st could have been influenced differently by Barack Obama.  This is the prime example of a politician who pursues short term gratification with absolutely no regard for the future.  It's the same shaky foundation that Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlement programs were built upon.

Mitt Romney isn't much better.  Like the Federal Reserve, he believes he can distort prices through subsidies (also referred to as corporate welfare).  He denounces Obamacare, yet has acted in a way that exemplifies the government should have its hands in healthcare (Romneycare in MA).  Even his VP candidate Paul Ryan voted for Part D, the largest Medicare expansion in the history of the United States. 

So, why am I writing this? 

We use to have a time in America when there was a "time for choosing" between big government and limited government.  Now, we've grown government so large that the only choice for President is big government.  Add in the marriage between government and special interests, and the end result is any anti-establishment candidate seeing his/her opponent raking in massive campaign contributions from Fannie/Freddie, big banks, health insurers, etc.

Americans need to wake up and realize that this election isn't going to go our way no matter what the result.  What has big government done for us?  Has it increased our wealth?  Created jobs? Increased the dignity of the average American?  I believe it has not.  It's time to restructure and reorganize the government into an institution that reports to the people, as opposed to enslaving them.

Over the next several months, we are going to begin to take on the big issues.  First up, this January, is Social Security.  We are going to tackle each big government issue that limits our rights and wastes our money; and we are going to open up the discourse lines towards a sustainable solution.  Everything we present will be subject to change based on research presented, arguments made, etc.

It is a time for choosing.  It's time for us to choose whether we are going to tolerate the status quo, or empower the individual to solve problems on their own.

We choose the latter.

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