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November 21, 2012

An Update on Common Sense Capitalism

We are continuing to tinker with adding, changing, and replacing features on the website.  We are using the Thanksgiving Break to work on making the site better, therefore we will not have any new content until Monday.  In addition to this, we are working on new animated charts, interactive spreadsheets, and interactive videos.  The goal is to begin rolling these out no later than January 1st.

Finally, in order to resume posting unique content on our YouTube channel, we are looking at tightening our video standards.  This would involve moving CNBC videos to this site with an embedding versus a post on YouTube.  In order to successfully do this, we are working on easier ways for our readership to follow (similar to a simple 'subscribe' on YouTube).  Any suggestions are welcome.

We are working towards user interaction as a main theme of economics education and discourse.  We hope you'll bear with us and enjoy our new features.

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