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February 27, 2013

Entitlement as a Byproduct of Altruism

As Ayn Rand has shown us, an altruist state is one where the individual sacrifices themselves and their self-interests for the state.  In the United States, this is demonstrated through increasing taxation and regulation. 

Taxation is obvious.  The state forcibly takes a portion of your income and uses it at their discretion.  Regulation is often seen as a measure of protection for citizens, but in fact, it limits their options.  The cost of regulation is beared in higher prices and government enforcement costs (via taxation) that ultimately come out of the pockets of the consumer.  Altruism via wealth confiscation is the most damaging force in the left's battle to limit economic freedom.

So, how does this lead to entitlement?

I was thinking the other day about how entitlement my generation (Generation Y) has become, and I realized that they have been raised in a culture of outright altruism.  An individual, in an altruist state, still has needs.  But since, they are spending a larger proportion of their wealth (as well as time) towards the needs of others, they begin to expect others to provide for them.  Generation Y is not living this, they are observing it.  Politicians and the media are the two largest proponents of this message.

Just a quick thought.

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