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November 29, 2013

(Article): The ObamaCare Disaster

I've been following the Plum Line, a liberal blog associated with the Washington Post.  In an interesting article, columnist Greg Sargent admitted that the website was a disaster.  It's hard to argue, otherwise, but some numbers he shared demonstrate how profound of a failure this program is:

-Since inception, 106,000 have enrolled in Obamacare health plans.  This is compared to nearly 5,000,000 cancellations!

-The enrollment to cancellation ratio was so startling that it prompted the Obama administration to develop its own solution.  The "solution" was to extend cancelled policies for a year.  This is another example of temporary solutions to serious economic problems.  This solution is already facing problems in the social engineering mecca of California.

-USA Today has provided a detailed study on the insane price increases in health plans as a result of Obamacare.

Typically, social programs like these take years, if not decades to demonstrate their failures.  However, the state's obsession with equality as an outcome on such a sweeping level likely expedited this failure.

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